Error: There's an issue while importing your subscriptions

There are couple reasons why this error occurred. If you are experiencing something different from what's described below, please contact support for further assistant.

Invalid File Format
AOL Reader only expects valid OPML/XML formats. Commonly used incorrect file formats are:
  • zip
  • json
  • htm/html
If you are not sure your file is properly formatted, you can go to sites like or any other xml validator sites to verify your file.

Invalid XML Format
A common issue with OPML export is HTML entities not being encoded properly by the RSS app. We have built a more robust OPML import tool to tackle that but since a lot of the entities are required as part of an XML, detecting and converting them could be tricky. For now, we have successfully updated '&' with proper encoding. The best way to address this is to inform those reader teams.

Incorrect File Encoding
If the reader's export needs you to copy and paste into a file editor in order to generate an OPML file, verify that you are saving with the correct encoding (Unicode). 

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