Reading List Layout

AOL Reader allows you to reading your articles in four different views:

List view

  • Similar to Google Reader, list view provides a concise view of your reading list. To read the full content of an article, you can simply click on the article in the list and an expanded view will be available to you.

Card view

  • Card view provides a more information than list view, with an image (if provided) and a snippet of an article. Clicking on the card will show you the full content of the article.

Full view

  • Full view is the same as list view, but with all your articles expanded.

Pane view

  • Pane view gives you the ability to scroll through your reading list while reading your article in its full context.
Summary view
  • Summary view is an expanded version of the list view, with a snippet of the description and an image (if provided)
You can also switch views using keyboard shortcuts

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