How to move a feed into a category

In AOL Reader, moving a feed into a category is just a simple drag and drop, and there are several ways to do it. To access the organize section, you can click on the Reader Options, and then select Organize. In this view, you will see all feeds inside their categories, with a Uncategorized category storing all your feeds that are not in a folder.

In Organize

  • To move a feed from one category to another, click on the move icon of the feed and select a category in the drop down.
  • To move multiple feeds from one category to another, select the feeds by clicking on the check boxes and then click on the move icon on the top right corner to select which category you want to move the feeds to.

Drag and Drop from the Left Panel

Adding an uncategorized feed into a category
  •  Drag and drop the feed into any category
Moving a feed from one category to another
  • Open the category that the feed is currently under by clicking on the category
  • In the main view, drag the feed and move to the category in the left panel
Moving a feed into a new category
  • After you created a new tag, drag any feeds and drop them into the tag. The tag will automatically turn into a folder

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