How to upload an OPML file

AOL Reader allows you to transfer all your existing feeds via OPML.

If you are a Google Reader user, you can retrieve your OPML file from Google Takeout. If you are using an alternative RSS reader, please refer to your reader's documentation on how to retrieve the OPML file.

Once you have obtained the file, there are several ways to upload it into AOL Reader:

  • If this is your first time using AOL Reader, you can click on the import your subscription feed in the Home view.
  • Click on the Add Subscription icon, and you can import the file by clicking on the import button on the Add Subscription window.
  • Click on the Reader Option icon, you can then select OPML for file upload.
Depending on the size of your OPML file, some of your articles may not appear right away.

As we support the standard OPML format, any readers that can export the standard format will work with our system. Please ensure that you are uploading an OPML file, and not a ZIP file. If have a ZIP file, please extract the OPML file from the ZIP file before uploading the file. If you still have issue importing your OPML file, please contact support. 

If you are using subfolders in your current reader and would like to import to AOL Reader, all your folders and subfolders will show up as folders as we currently do not support subfolders.

AOL Reader currently allows users to subscribe up to 1000 feeds. If your OPML file exceeds that number, some of your feeds will not be available.

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